Know Your Food Know Your Farmer (KYF)

Today the gap between the agriculture and the other society has been very huge.  Unfortunately since some generations people don’t want to be an Agriculturist.

We have completely neglected the Agriculture, we have treated this is an un-educated sector.  But other countries like Israeli , US, Canada waked up early and recognized the value of agriculture – if there is no food – No life – No Growth. 

We have to teach our kids about the importance of the Agriculture/Farming in the life. 

We don’t want every kid to be a farmer but they should know what has been happening to the world. 

Today many kids don’t know where our food is coming from.  We are not able to teach them because we have neglected this sector long ago.

Know Your Farmer & Know Your Food is an initiative of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and successfully implementing in US since long time, Poojitha Agro is trying to implement in India with the support of Great Educational Personalities from different schools.